Finally, There Is a Healthy Homeopathic Remedy Available on the Market to Free Both Men and Women From Numerous Symptoms of Yeast Infection!

Three-times-each-day Yeastrol Spray

Yeast break-outs are provoked by Candida Albicans – a primitive organism, which can give you a hard time quite unexpectedly. Once you are infected, you feel like you would give the world to take the edge off the itching. What is particularly discouraging is a lack of opportunity to get a prescription.

You have tried lots of traditional medicines, but they don’t seem to help? Yeastrol is there to help you!

Yeastrol is a unique homeopathic product that will run circles around all other medicines in effectiveness! It is great for both men and women. Our experts have worked out and implemented 12 ingredients to nip ALL symptoms in the bud! All you need is two sprays under the tongue three times daily, so that it gets inside your body in a matter of minutes.

Forget about bitter pills and messy creams! Invite Yeastrol Spray into your body in a simple and comfortable way to fight the nasty symptoms of the infection!

Plenty of Ingredients for Plenty of Symptoms
The time-tested ability of Yeastrol ingredients to effectively deal with multiple symptoms has left no doubts in the minds of experts who work incessantly to treat symptoms of yeast infections, such as:

What’s the cause?

The candida organism is always present in man’s intestinal system, but this is not yet the case to speak about infection. The disease, which is termed “candida syndrome” or “systemic candidiasis”, occurs when the organism spreads to other regions of the body due to excessive proliferation.

Normally, the intestinal flora is there to balance out the amount of other microorganisms, and candida is no exception. Protracted use of steroids, antibiotics, hormonal changes, too much acid or stress may break the balance and cause a breakout.

Without treatment, the disease may become fungal as candida gets out of the intestines via its sprouting roots pervading the gut walls. This may cause the guts to “leak” and let toxins into the bloodstream, which affects the functioning of the immune system.

Are Children Susceptible to Yeast Infections?

Yes, they are. Children suffering yeast infections experience the following symptoms:

Yeastrol is good for 12-year-old or older children, as it is very easy to use. Just spray a couple of times under the tongue three times every day! Please, do not give Yeastrol to children younger than 12 years old without consulting a physician!

Is Yeastrol Compatible with Other Medicines?

Yes, it is! Homeopathic Yeastrol medicines are micro-dosed, and they have no contraindications or side effects. You can take Yeastrol with any other medicine without any fear of side effects!
Important: if your condition remains the same or gets worse within 7 days, or symptoms persist or recur within 2 months, please, turn to your doctor.

Women: if you suddenly have unhealthy signs, such as itch or tingling in the vaginal area, or abdominal pain, foul smelling discharge and high body temperature, please, consult your physician immediately!

Stick To a Healthy Diet!

No matter how thoroughly you follow Yeastrol treatment recommendations, there is little chance for you to succeed without keeping to a healthy diet. This will help you create an insurmountable barrier for the candida and stop feeding yeast organisms, such as: